Confirmed: Sprint's WiMAX Solution is "Xohm"

Are you ready to rock and xohm? Are you and your family xohmin’? Are you xohming like a… homing pigeon? If you answered any of these questions with a resounding “Xyes” then Sprint Nextel has something special for you.

Enter Xohm, their WiMAX solution which should be announced later today. It xounds like “home” but with a z and the reaxon there’s an x in there ix becauxe “The X-factor makes it cool.” Mmmhmm.

The new service, which should reach market saturation by the end of 2008, will run at about 2Mbps over the air with a potential maximum of 4Mbps — these are obviously in ideal conditions without interference. No pricing or real availability, xo i guexx we have to wait.