Google Vs. Yahoo!: Which Web Cuisine Reigns Supreme?!?

googlevsyahooi.jpgWe know LAPTOP magazine likes it some head-to-head action (and really, who doesn’t?), but while it usually does face-offs with gadgets, the staff’s not afraid to put software or services in the ring to bloody each other up. This week, it’s put together a throw-down between Google and Yahoo! to see which one you should be using as your homepage. The editors judged both in 10 categories: Search, e-mail/calendar, maps, IM/voice, video, music/games, photos, personal start page, mobile, and secret weapons.

It’s pretty back and forth for most of the story (Yahoo! wins points for entertainment and e-mail/IM, while Google takes tops in search, maps and secret weapons) and though I won’t spoil the outcome for you, I’m sure you can guess who wins in the end. They do, however, neglect to judge either on the usability of the companies’ names as sexual innuendo. (I think it should go to Yahoo! for its usage being eminently more flexible/adaptable.)

Google vs. Yahoo [laptop mag]