It's Official: BioShock Cooler Than Jesus, 99-cent Burrito

The reviews are starting to trickle in and the general consensus seems to be that the highly-anticipated BioShock is a smash hit. Receiving a rare 10/10 score from both Games Radar and Game Informer. The ambiance, graphics, sound, and control seem to be flawless and I hear the gameplay isn’t half-bad either. Getting to control stuff with your hand is always a plus, not to mention uncommon in games.

Game Informer says the game has lying undertones that relate to one Ayn Rand. I’m curious as to what that means, as I can’t see myself playing a RTS-version of “The Fountainhead” anytime soon. Looks like anyone who said PC gaming was dead has to get their head checked. BioShock has officially breathed life back into an ailing form of gaming.

We can hardly Adam and Eve it [Games Radar]
Masterpiece of Madness [Game Informer]