What Starts With 'i' and Rhymes with Smack?

Hello, Mr. Fedex man! What’s in that big box. Oh my! Just put it down here by the couch. It’s certainly big! Let me open it up.

That’s right. It’s a 24-inch iMac in all its iPhone-esque glory. This inch-thick beast is really heavy but the attention to detail is amazing. Vince is about to review the keyboard, so I won’t go into that here, but my first impressions are just as bubbly as any other Apple fanboy out there.

First off, this thing is a monster. You never really realize how big these things are until you try to find a place to set them down. The glossy screen is huge and all of electronics in there are definitely heavy.


The iMac is almost featureless except for the ports on the back and a thin air vent. It includes the slender keyboard, a remote, and not much else. You could feasibly set this thing up in about a second, which I’m about to do in order to review the innards. Until then, feast your eyes on her beautiful outsides. Mmmm… outsides.