Thank You Sponsors: Featuring Real Time Matrix, DOmedia and Profile Builder

It’s time to say a quick “thank you” to the sponsors of our party at August capital last month:

Tune in to learn more about Real Time Matrix’s Vortex, DOmedia’s platform for alternative media buying and Profile Builder’s profile mangement platform. Michael Arrington and Steve Gillmor from and Bad Sinatra interview Jeff Whitehead, Todd Cameron and Boyan Josic. Watch closely for a quick guest appearance from another famous blogger… or was that really Yahoo’s Salim Ismail? Interviews were shot live at the TechCrunch 9 Meet Up at August Capital. Thank you again to all the sponsors who helped make the Meet Up a success. – The Real Time Matrix’s lets you create a personalized RSS feed widgets of the news you care about the most. Check out the Vortex headlines widget that Real Time Matrix developed for TechCrunch.

Wallhogs – Wallhogs makes semi-adhesive vinyl posters of whatever images you’d like, ranging from your own family photos to cutouts of full-sized football players. If you came to TechCrunch 9, you would have seen WallHogs’ stickers denoting the spots for each of the presenting companies. They have a wide variety of existing posters in different sizes for about $20 to $50.

Template Monster – They have oodles of website templates, flash templates, flash intros, WordPress themes, and corporate designs. As a celebration of Template Monster’s birthday TechCrunch readers get a 15% discount.

Text Link Ads – If you’re looking to monetize your site, or for new advertising opportunities, check out Text Link Ads. TLA helps improve your site’s ranking and target 10,000+ niche communities, all at a flat rate.

Lewis PR – A multinational public relations firm representing clients like Second Life, Citrix Systems, and St. Bernard Software. Check out their blog for a more in depth view of the company.

Ads-Click – One of the most popular features on blogs is a tag cloud, which gives and idea of the main key

Adicate – Time is money and Adicate has applied that to advertising by allowing advertisers to buy time slots on a publisher’s page. They manage all the headache and provide the backend support to sell the ads.

Edgeio – Classified listings have always followed the eyeballs in print. Edgeio takes the same principle to the web, letting you monetize your site by tying in relevant listings. Edgeio Marketplaces currently powers TechCrunch’s job board and have several affiliate programs that publishers can use to boost their revenues.