British Text for Pizza

pizza.JPGDomino’s Pizza has made it simple for the British to order pizza from the 470 outlets in the country: text it. There is no need to search for the nearest Domino’s in a directory. By texting your order, the nearest Domino’s will find you.

Before this service is available, a customer has to register with Domino’s Pizza online and set up a “favorite (favourite) meals” list. These safeguards are intended to keep unauthorized people from texting for a free meal. Once the order is placed Domino’s texts back, confirming the order and identity of the customer. Over 2000 have already registered for this service.

If you are in Britain and hungry for pizza, a link is provided below. If this service works well in Britain, other countries and restaurants may deliver similar text services. Keep reading MobileCrunch to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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