Browser-based WiTV To Take On Joost, Others


WiTV, short for Wireless Internet TV, requires nothing but a web browser yet it’s designed to behave like internet television services Joost, BabelGum, and VeohTV. The service was announced a few months ago but has recently dropped some user interface photos for the world to see. It looks very slick and easy to navigate although I can’t help but wonder about the “slick” part as it relates to current broadband speeds. For something like this to closely emulate television by using nothing but a web browser and (presumably) Flash would be quite a sight to behold, likely requiring an uberfast connection.

Whether or not it’s possible is one thing. Assuming it is, there’s then the question of content. WiTV will be taking the Joost route, trying to woo the big media companies into providing quality consumables for you and me. Joost in its current form is a pretty cool service but, let’s face it, not many of us are ready to kick cable to the curb quite yet. Furthermore, unlike Joost, WiTV will not be P2P. There will be a central server that everyone uses and only time will tell if WiTV is going experience any growing pains as more and more people sign up.

I hope to hell this service is everything it’s cracked up to be because it seems very cool. It’s supposed to work on most internet-enabled devices including AppleTV, Xbox 360, and cell phones — no fuss, no muss. More info and screen shots over at Web TV Wire…

WiTV Sneak Preview With Screenshots – Better than Joost? [Web TV Wire]