PC Demo Of BioShock Coming Tonight

I’m with Vince on this whole BioShock thing. I don’t know anything about it, but after watching the trailers and perusing the Web for other tidbits I won’t lie when I say this is going to be an awesome game. So frigging awesome that I’m going to reinstall Bootcamp or, now that I think about it, VMWare Fusion just so I can download and play the demo tonight! It’s going to be awesome. Set an alarm for 7PM EST. Oh, be sure to download the latest drivers from ATI and Nvidia or else the 1.84 gigs of awesomeness will have you pulling your hair out. Fileplanet will have some exclusive pre-loading business, so be sure to hunker down for a couple hours. Ken Levine wants you to stay away from the message boards if you don’t like spoilers, too.

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