Zagat Survey on the Go

zagat.JPGZagat Survey launches an advertising supported (free) Web site, Zagat Survey is known the world over as the “burgundy bible.” If you are in a strange city and want to get information on restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment, Zagat Survey has up-to-date ratings and descriptions of all these amenities. Major cities around the world are listed and ranked by over 300,000 surveyors. Now this can be gotten on your mobile phone. works on any web-enabled mobile phone. Zargat Survey teamed up with Starcut to design and develop the, and has licensed the Starcut Media One platform to deliver the “burgundy bible” to any mobile device. Third Screen Media and Winstar Interactive will manage and sell advertising on

“We pioneered the concept of ‘consumer generated content’ almost 30 years ago,” notes Nina Zagat. “As the media landscape has evolved, we’ve taken a ‘platform agnostic’ approach to helping consumers make smart decisions by making our content available to them however and wherever they’ve needed it.”

Forecasters say that in the next five years the fastest growing segments of media will include the “third screen” (mobile websites/content), and ad budgets are shifting accordingly. Companies like, Visa Signature, are increasingly adding mobile web into their marketing strategies that target affluent consumers.

I know personally, I could use a service like Zagat Survey, no matter what color of wine it is. Ever since the Concord stopped flying, I haven’t had time to make it over to London for a night on the town. (I am too busy to bother with a seven hour trans-Atlantic flight). If Zagat Survey will let me, maybe I can rate the amenities on the International Space Station. I leave in a few weeks. I hear the pea-soup paste is very delicious.

Zagat Survey