Anorexic PSPs On Amazon


If you’ve been anxiously waiting for the slimmed down PSPs to hit stores then hold on just a little while longer. All three versions (piano black, ice silver and ceramic white) have appeared on Amazon with launch dates. The piano black version won’t be pre-packaged with anything fun, but it ships September 10 for $169.99. The ice silver unit is apart of the Daxter Entertainment Pack that includes a copy of the classic Daxter, a copy of Family Guy and a memory stick, which the other two don’t include. This also ships September 10 for $199.99. Nothing new on the Star Wars pack we told you about a few weeks ago, but if you’ve been waiting for this like me then you’ll be bummed to know it doesn’t ship until October 23. *cries in the corner*

Sony PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack – Ice Silver [Amazon]

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