Germany Snaps To

nokia1.JPGNokia announced today that SNAP Mobile Games will be available to German customers in the fall. SNAP games are currently sold in Asia and North America.

Popular handsets will come with free demo games installed. To download a full game, a user only needs to click the ‘buy’ link. A text message is then sent with link information.

Antoine Doumenc, head of SNAP Mobile stated, “After continued success in Asia Pacific, we are clearly setting our sights on the European market. Germany is our first target country and we plan to expand our service availability in multiple European distribution channels within the year. In addition, we well be offering many more opportunities to German consumers to be connected through casual games in near future.”

Sudoku and JellyPop are two popular games supported in SNAP Mobile’s Pocket Party application. Sudoku generates random puzzles that create a multitude of challenges. JellyPop is an easy to learn but hard to master puzzle game that has single and multiplayer modes. High scores, ranking, friends list, avatars, tokens and chat are all integrated into the Pocket Party universe. Friends can mobilize and game.

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