Some People Talk Too Much

bubblemotion.jpgThe BubbleTALK service from Bubble Motion has some devoted users. The most talkative sent 3201 messages last month. The top five BubbleTALKers averaged 67 messages a day. I don’t know if these prodigious yackers said anything intelligent in their scramble to rank number one in BubbleTALK’s hall of fame, but I doubt it.

BubbleTALK is touted as a “Voice SMS.” Voice SMS is a cross between an SMS (read text messaging) and a voicemail. The sender records a short message and sends it as though it were a text message. The receiver gets the message through his or her text messaging service. But there is no conversion into actual text. The sent message is heard as it was spoken.

Sunil Coushik, President and Co-Founder of Bubble Motion said: “We have always known that BubbleTALK has a great potential for operators as well as their customers, but these latest figures took even us by surprise. It seems that some customers of operators are spending most of their day sending BubbleTALK messages. I just hope they are leaving enough time to eat and sleep!”

Let me tell you Sunil, I’ve got a couple of aunts who can talk the ear off an elephant. I can’t always follow them but they do love to talk.

I’m not sure why people want to use a service like BubbleTALK. Perhaps a person’s thumbs are too tired from playing mobile games to be able to text message. But then you can just call the person and talk live, or leave a voice message. I suppose such a service creates one more layer of distance between two people who want to communicate but don’t want to communicate too closely. Some new technologies baffle me.

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