Targus Radius Line


MacBook sales have been skyrocketing since they launched, so it’s no wonder the accessory market for the little Apple is so vast and chock-full of crap that you could be blowing your cash on something that will inevitably disappoint you. That’s where Targus comes in and clears away some of the clutter. The latest line, Radius, encases both MacBooks and MacBook Pros in durable, high-quality ballistic nylon that also includes room for your Mighty Mouse, MacSafe Power Adapter, Apple Remote and iPod.


The Radius convertible messenger/backpack is perfect for your 15-inch MBP with an EVA molded compartment and the aforementioned slots for your accessories. This particular Radius does what the name implies by converting from a backpack to a messenger bag with a zippered pocket to store your backpack straps. The padded straps also manage your iPod earbud cables.

Other hot features include a business card holder, key clip, pen loops and a trolley strap for those times you find yourself running to catch your flight. It weighs a mere 4.18 pounds and will set you back a Ben Franklin.

The Radius messenger bag also gives the 15-inch MBP some love in standard messenger bag form and includes a much needed, but often overlooked, zippered back pocket. It has most if not all the same bells and whistles as the convertible, but weighs a smidge less at 3.08 pounds and is only $89.99.

And last, but not least is the Vertical Messenger specific to the MacBook. All the same features as the others, but it comes in black and olive in a slim, vertical design. The Radius Vertical is made from ‘high-quality polyester’ that’s water resistant and weighs only 2.2 pounds. It’s more economical, too, at $59.99.

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