Yarrr: Franz Ferdinand Tells Fans To Pirate Away


Thumbs up to Franz Ferdinand. If every band in the world felt the same way that singer/guitarist Alex Kapranos does, the world might be a slightly better place (musically). When asked about illegally downloading music, he said…

“I like the idea that, because of downloading, people are going to buy songs only if they are good. I think that’s a positive thing. It means lazy bands aren’t going to get away with giving you one hit single and an album full of filler. We like the idea that every song should stand up in its own right so you don’t have to listen to a song in the context of an album to understand it. I suppose that’s why I’m sympathetic to the download environment.”

The band even went so far as to explicitly encourage fans to download their new David Bowie cover via file sharing services. I’m not sure how their record label feels about these recent comments, but I seem to remember back in 2000 that The Offspring tried to make their “Conspiracy Of One” album a 100-percent free download and Columbia Records blew a gasket.

Just goes to show you that although the labels are against free music downloads, the bands themselves don’t always feel the same.

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