Logitech Announces G51 Gaming Surround Speakers, More Lifelike Frags

Another day, another very decent 5.1 gaming-centric PC surround system. I had a chance to play a FPS with these suckers at a Logitech briefing a few months back, and for a minute I thought the back of my skull had been pierced. Full specs and press release after the jump.

And they ship in October for about $200.


Logitech® G51 Surround Sound Speaker System
Bring games to life with 360-degree surround sound
Announcement Date: August 22, 2007 Shipping: October 2007

Price: $199.99 Available at: www.logitech.com
Product Description

With high performance audio, gamer-inspired features such as dual mute controls and gaming matrix mode, the G51 speaker system is optimized for 5.1 high-definition audio. The laser-tuned satellites include FDD2 technology, which produces a uniform soundfield, while the ported, down-firing subwoofer rumbles with every explosion.
Key Features

* 360-degree surround sound with dual matrix modes:
o Gaming matrix mode creates 5.1 surround sound from common two-channel stereo sources such as legacy PC games
o Music matrix mode takes two speakers and electronically upmixes to 5.1
* High-performance audio: speakers feature laser-tuned satellites with FDD2 technology
* Precision dual mute controls: weighted, non-skid control pod features independent mute controls that allow for one-touch muting of both audio output and microphone input
* Customizable: design and insert personal artwork into the G-Skin™ mod system on each satellite speaker

Technical Specifications


* Total RMS power: 155 watts RMS
* Satellite powers: 20 watts
* Subwoofer: 56 watts
* Frequency response: 36 Hz – 20 kHz, +/-6dB


* Satellites: 2-inch laser-tuned drivers
* Subwoofer: 5-inch high-excursion driver

Source Inputs

* Six-channel direct
* Stereo RCA

Control Center

* Master volume control

* Subwoofer, center & surround level controls
* Matrix surround sound music and gaming modes
* Independent audio and microphone mute controls
* 2 Headset jacks (microphone jack + headphone jack)