Mobile Shop with mShopper

mshopper.JPGShopping from your mobile phone now got a little easier with mShopper’s release of a new platform for mobile phones. All aspects of shopping online are now available to bargain hunters with a mobile phone. Users can make secure purchases in seconds.

But as every good shopper knows, there is more to shopping than just buying. Research into price and quality has to be utilized before laying out hard currency. The mShopper application helps in this by providing prices and specs on thousands of products in real time. Up-to-date information in changes can be easily accessed.

And talk about easy, the mShopper search engine allows you to find a product with as few as two or three characters. For example, if a shopper is interested in a Panasonic HDTV, typing “pan” and “hdt” would result in a hit. If a search results in too many hits, additional descriptions can be added to narrow the field. This feature helps when shopping for something in a certain color or size.

Currently, over 100 vendors are taking advantage of mShopper. More than seven million products are showcased. This allows shoppers to compare prices for the same item and make the best deal. If there is a question about an item, mShopper includes Click2Call. Click2Call is a link to customer support on every page. If you have a question only a live person can answer, Click2Call will get you there without a tussle.

“More than 95% of all retail dollars are spent in traditional stores, yet online merchants routinely offer prices that are 20% cheaper, said David Gould, mShopper’s CEO. “With mShopper, the user can save time and money. Now people can go to the store, do their research, and then buy right through their phones.”

There are some disadvantages when buying online. Shipping costs often aren’t included in the price, so that 20% cheaper thing might not be so cheap if you are buying something heavy that has to be shipped to your house. And when I buy something, I hate to have to wait for it to arrive. Sometimes the extra frustration of waiting costs more to me than 20%.