Bexy's iMirror: New Company, Cool iPod Dock


Running with the idea that there aren’t enough iPod docking solutions, let alone enough companies making iPod docking solutions, today finds a press release about the launch of a new company that makes iPod docking solutions, called Bexy. Rhymes with “sexy”. Not sure why.

At first blush, the new iMirror dock looks a little nicer than some, but it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before. The think is Bexy seems to have figured ways around a couple issues that keep some docks from being perfect.

The remote control, for example, docks with your iPod. Many docks have remotes with LCDs so you can see what you’re playing. The problem is they get the information wirelessly, so there’s quite a lag, especially when browsing. The iMirror syncs your playlists and library files with the iPod in the dock, mirroring the information on the remote’s memory. Thus the name, clever.

We’re hoping this kind of subtle innovation becomes a trend with the new company, and wish them luck. Given how many iPod accessories there are, it takes something special to “wow” us. Here’s hoping Bexy can do that.

Bexy Corporation Debuts with Innovative iMirror [Press Release]