Lost on Gilligan's Island Clips Surface on YouTube

As geeks (yes, you’re geeks), you’re likely eagerly waiting for the next season of ABC’s LOST to surface. We’re with you on that one. But did you know that LOST has a lot more in common with Gilligan’s Island than the word “castaways”?

In fact, the first incarnation of Gilligan’s Island was as a dark, mysterious drama, just like LOST? It’s true, but sadly this was considered too dark and complex for the family-friendly 1960s viewers, so the show was re-tooled as a sitcom. ABC went back to the original idea for Lost on Gilligan’s Island as the basis for LOST. I know that’s a lot of italics, but stay with me.

YouTube brings you the surviving clips from the show that could have been. As you’ll see, many of the recurring elements of LOST are demonstrated a good four decades before Locke and Sheppherd started locking horns. Enjoy.