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Motorola Q 9m Review


Just so you know, to turn the theme back to the original VZW theme, press and hold the red button that is on the far right on the bottom. Two over from space.

Secondly, there is no GPS in the Moq9m, only eGPS. So, you’ll only be giving turn by turn instructions to the EMT’s pulling you out of your wreck.

All the benefits of working for VZW.

Bloops! Apple Legal Essentially Confirms Fat Nano Existence [Updated]


I really think those designs are phony… just a red herring planted in the blogger community to get the buzz machine going. Apple sending out requests to remove them just gets everyone even more charged up.

If you look at Apple’s current industrial design aesthetic (the aluminum iMac, keyboards and iPhone) these just don’t fit in. I’d give it a few weeks for the REAL designs to surface just in time for holiday gift buyers.

Major Burnage: zunePhone Parody Mocks Microsoft’s Unstable Software, Poor Device Design, Late Launches


Yes, but I noticed the signal strenght stayed high all of the time.