VIA Announces New 1-Watt, 500MHz Processor


Say hello to the “world’s most power efficient x86 CPU” from VIA. It’s a 1-watt, 500MHz processor with a 400MHz frontside bus that can be paired with VIA’s CX700/M all-in-one digital media chipset to create a complete system that uses less than 10 watts of electricity.

The fanless processor measures a mere 21mm square and will be used in “applications where ultra cool, ultra quiet and highly reliable performance is essential” such as embedded systems and all-in-ones.

A 500MHz processor isn’t going to be enough to run, say, Windows Vista on a UMPC but it’d be just fine for running an embedded version of Linux or similar proprietary operating system. The big draw here would be extended battery life. Typical UMPCs draw around 20-25 watts of power so if you were to use a system with this new VIA chipset totaling around 10 watts, you’d get about twice as much time between charges.

VIA Announces 1-Watt Processor, the World’s Most Power Efficient x86 CPU [VIA Press Release] via I4U News