So Long CableCARD, Here Comes DTCP-IP


What if you could plug your klunky, rented Comcast DVR box into your home network and stream its recorded and on-demand content to the computer in the other room? Well you’ll soon be able to do that thanks to a new standard called DTCP-IP. It’s hardly a revolutionary idea, but better late than never.

The “DTCP” part of the new standard stands for Digital Transmission Copy Protection and is basically an extension of current DRM rules. Cable networks that flag their shows as “copy never” won’t be able to be streamed around your house, for instance.

Nothing will be able to be streamed to the outside world. DTCP-IP relies on an authentication scheme that allows only for transmission within your home network. So don’t look for it to replace Slingbox or Orb just yet.

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