Lokesh Dhakar's Fancy Coffee Drink Cheat Sheet

cappuccino New to the world of fancy coffee drinks? So is Lokesh Dhakar, as he admits on his blog.

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where I’d heard his name before but I assumed he was famous for some reason. Any web developer that’s used the Lightbox technique before may have been thinking the same thing I was, for Lokesh is the guy who wrote that now-famous script. 

Anyway, he’s got very simple diagrams of nine commonly-ordered coffee drinks on his site to help people like him “wrap their head around some of the small differences.” For those of you youngsters who have had access to energy drinks your whole life, coffee is what people used to drink before energy drinks were invented.

Coffee Drinks Illustrated [LokeshDhakar.com] via Doggdot.us