MSNBC Quotes Fake Al Sharpton As Real Al Sharpton

fakesharpton Look what you’ve started, Fake Steve Jobs. In a report on the Michael Vick dog fighting case, MSNBC reporter Alex Johnson mistakenly quoted Fake Al Sharpton as the real Al Sharpton.

“Consider this: If the police caught Brett Favre running a dolphin-fighting ring out of his pool, where dolphins with spears attached to their foreheads fought each other to the death, would they bust him? Of course not. They would get his autograph, commend him on his tightly-spiraled forward passes, then bet on one of his dolphins.”

Al Sharpton has undoubtedly had some pretty tantalizing soundbites over the years but even I would have double-checked this one before quoting it and I’m not even a “real” newsperson.

MSNBC mistakes a ‘fake Al Sharpton’ blog for the real thing [CNET]