NFL/DirecTV To (Finally) Stream Games Over The 'Net


If you’re a DirecTV subscriber and you’re prepared to cough up the $368 it’ll cost you to get the NFL Sunday Ticket package plus the SuperFan upgrade, you’ll be able to stream every game to your computer (Windows only) this season.

It’s called DirecTV SUPERCAST and it’s a step in the right direction for the National Football League which, compared to other professional sports leagues, has historically been about as digitally inviting as a very old man using a typewriter, rotary phone, and #2 pencil to conduct business.

I hope this goes well and that Old Man NFL realizes the profit potential here. If something like this were available to non-DirecTV people, would you use it and what’s the most you’d pay for computer-only access? I think I’d pay $199 for the entire season, although I think that $99 or $149 would be a much nicer gesture. Also, an option to watch one certain game for, say, $4.99 or one particular week for, say, $19.99 would be a consumer-friendly business model. I don’t want to get Old Man NFL all riled up, though.

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