Nokia Takes Over Your Ride


Today Nokia announced the 500 Auto Navigation, which does everything you’d expect an in-car navigation system to do like giving you directions (duh), screening and making phone calls and serving as your entertainment system. The 500 makes navigation easy with turn-by-turn directions that include street and city names as well as POI. There’s even a Traffic Message Channel Service that keeps you away traffic jams, which comes to you via a 4.3-inch color screen that goes split screen and tells you about an upcoming turn, your ETA, and distance remaining.

That fancy screen also lets you scroll through your contacts and make and receive calls by way of the handsfree speaker system with DSP. If you already know where you’re going and you need to quiet the kiddies down then listen to music from the integrated music player or through the built-in FM transmitter, view photos, or watch videos. If Nokia decides to bring it to the US expect to muster up about $400. Parts of Europe will see it Q4 for 300 Euro.

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