Service That Offered To Unlock iPhone Told To Knock It Off

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It broke over the weekend (well, Japan time at least) that Craig from Degrassi hacked and unlocked the iPhone to make it work with cellphone providers other than AT&T. The holy grail of iPhone hacking/unlocking is a software-only solution, which the Web site iPhone Unlocking—”Set Your iPhone Free From AT&T&”—claimed it can do. Today, the Web site iPhone Unlocking revealed that it received a legal threat from a law firm representing AT&T. So all those hopes and dreams of using the service to liberate your iPhone can now be put on hold.

Are you even a little bit surprised? Once a widespread method of unlocking the iPhone makes it out in the wild, AT&T can say goodbye to its more tech-savvy customers. I’m willing to bet that a large number of iPhone buyers are folks who read gadget blogs all day. You can be sure that AT&T and its team of high-priced lawyers will attempt to squash every single one of these unlocking operations.

What we need is some DVD Jon-like hacker to post step-by-step, software-only directions on how to unlock the iPhone, not a commercial service offering to do it for a fee. I can imagine the instructions becoming like the DeCSS, being put in t-shirts, sung as songs, etc.

Never get between a gadget geek and his hardware.

iPhone Unlocking via iLounge