Action Engine Shifts into Mobile High Gear

action.jpgThere are more than 700 wireless devices on the market in U.S. today estimates the CTIA, and that means a lot of options for mobile content providers. So is now the time for action? Well it is according to Action Engine Corporation of Bellevue, Washington, which announced support for Windows Mobile 6.0 powered devices including the T-Mobile DASH and WING phones.

“Device support is the most critical issue facing any mobile application developer today,” said Scott G. Silk, president and CEO of Action Engine. “Media companies and content providers must deliver their wireless data services on today’s most popular handsets to get the consumer reach necessary to drive uptake and generate significant revenues. Action Engine considers wide device support an essential component of our offering, and we are pleased to be one of the first ODP vendors to support the newest Windows Mobile 6.0 powered devices.” Action Engine recently partnered with to create a Windows Mobile 6.0 version of the news site.

IDC has forecast that Windows Mobile could experience the largest growth of any mobile operating system by 2010. Despite this forecast, Action Engine isn’t fully hedging its bets with just Windows Mobile 6.0 devices. The company also supports popular Java, Brew and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Clearly it is nice to have all the bases covered!

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