Android And Google In Cahoots On Google Phone OS


Some more information about the upcoming Google phone. The phone will be developed by Google and the software will make use of some of the assets Google acquired when it purchased a company called Android.

A little history about Android. It was owned by Andy Rubin, who’s worked for Apple, WebTV, Motorola, and founded Danger, the company that invented the very popular Sidekick/Hiptop.

When Google bought Android, they got a lot of talented people including Andy McFadden (developed Moxi Digital’s set-top box), Richard Miner (VP of Technology at Orange), and Chris White (head of design and UI for WebTV).

Google and Android have both been very tight-lipped since they joined forces. Shortly before the purchase, Andy Rubin was quoted as saying something to the effect that Android had been working on a cell phone operating system and that there was a big market for mobile devices that are location-aware. Also, future devices should be able to apply your location to your preferences. So basically if I’m within two blocks of an electronics store, my phone will send me coupons and discounts for that store.

NOTE: The photo above is (probably) NOT what the actual phone will look like. More details should be coming post Labor Day.

Google is working on a mobile OS, and it’s due out shortly [Engadget]