Ello Guvnah!

Taken from the top of the Eye
Greetings CG readers from Merry Olde England. I’ve been in London for almost a week now and thought I’d say hello. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my trip so far including the usual tourist traps like Big Ben/Parliament, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. I’m in absolute heaven with football coverage everywhere I look. Believe it or not the weather has been quite pleasant and the sun being the elusive bugga that it is has even come out to play.

So you’re probably wondering how any of this is relevant to the usual rants you love to read from the Gear, but it is. Trust me. I’m not subjecting myself to 8 percent ABV beverages, people with funny accents and ungodly amounts of Fish & Chips and black pudding for fun. Oh noes. I’m here to bring you folks hot and exclusive news from Nokia. Starting tomorrow I’ll be showing you some new products you may or may not have heard of from the Finnish giant. Stay tuned, but in the meantime check out a few pics from my trip so far.


Storm Troopers! There’s a Star Wars exhibition going on in London and there’s even a Naboo N-1 Starfighter and a geek dream fulfilling Jedi training course.

I’m afraid of heights and I got dizzy at the top.


There’s something strange about stepping into a glass pod and going up 400+ feet into the air.

I tried to get a few hands on pics of the Samsung G600, but the Vodafone folk weren’t too keen on that idea, but here’s an ad for it. Trust me when I tell you how cool it was.


Virgin has some of the neatest advertising around. Don’t they?


Want the Touch and a free Nintendo DS? Then move to the UK, sign up with Orange and pay your bills on time. Heh


This guy is ready for the RAZR 2. Are you?