Sirius Goes Redneck, Launches "Nascar Collector" Show

Hun dee durr thar partner! I was juss crackin’ open a can of Milwaukee’s Best and saw that yer a NASCAR fan yerself! Ya know that high-tech satellite radio crap? The one that’s a “play on words” as they call it. Surious! That’s it! Yeah, well I reckon I heard some news ’bout a new NASCAR show a’comin and it done be good. Supposed to debut ’round September 1st at 8PM on tha NASCAR channel! Woohoo!

What’s it ’bout? Oh, ya know. NASCAR collecting, memorabilia, model cars, hats, truck stickers. In other words: fun stuff! Yah yah, I got that Surious radio in mah new 2007 GMC truck. They gave me three months of that horseshit, don’t even know why. All I know is Tim Trout is gone be on this new show and he gonna have him a lot to say ’bout Gordon, Earnhardt Jr. and Turner. I hope that there hat I bought the other day for $12.50 at the Exxon is worth some big bucks! I could use a new 12-guage.

Sirius lauching new “NASCAR Collector” show [Orbitcast]