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CG Exclusive: HTC Insider Confirms Existence of the Google Phone


Man, I’d sell my sister in a second to get out of my contract with the DeathStar if the Don’t be Evil people had their own network.

CG Exclusive: HTC Insider Confirms Existence of the Google Phone


Lem…a few things:

1.) I don’t know how much it costs to break a contract, but I can’t imagine it could possibly cost more than a few hundred dollars at most… you’d really rather sell your sister than dish out a couple hundred bucks?

2.) Are you saying only if Google comes out with its own network would you sell your sister… or are you already taking offers?

3.) Does your sister know how to do laundry, cook, and clean? Is she high maintenance and require 3 meals a day? Most importantly, is she of legal age and hot?

4.) Pending #2 comes through, and you answer yes to all questions in #3, I’d like to pre-order at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

oh wait… let me clarify… – answer yes to all questions in #3 except the part about being high maintenance and requiring 3 meals a day.

Help-Key: Fake Photoshop the Fat Nano in Five Minutes for Apple’s Lawyers


How to make an obviously terrible fake, anyone that needs to say this is fake is a retard of the highest proportion.