The Steve and Woz Lego Set

Get ready for the next mini run specialty lego set from Podbrix – this time it’s the “Young Woz and Jobs Playset” and goes on sale on Wednesday (8/29) at 6 pm PST:

Re-creating the early years of Woz and Jobs collaboration the Young Woz and Jobs Playset is a 300 unit limited numbered edition and features meticulous detail. What ideas was Jobs percolating in his subconscious back in 1972? The included mini thought bubble attempts to answer the question.

These tend to sell out quickly, so if you’re dying to have one make sure you log in right at 6 pm with your credit card in hand.

Podbrix is a three person team based in Maryland; the sets are designed by artist “Tomi.” The last set they sold was in August 2006…and these things tend to sell out in about 12 minutes. See Jackson Fish Market for more.