Toshiba T401 DAP Has The Wi-Fi


Toshiba’s always good for a DAP or two and its two latest—the T401S and T401—maintain that trend. The big news here is that the T401 brings with it Wi-Fi certification, letting users connect directly to the Internet to download podcasts and, more likely, to transfer music to and from their PCs. And I do mean PC, what with that Windows logo button on the bottom-left.

But let’s be honest for a moment: the DAP world has sorta been stagnant since Apple released the colorful iPod shuffle a while back. Maybe one of the 8,000 rumors pointing toward built-in Wi-Fi in the new iPod will pan out.

As for the T401, Toshiba will release it next month in Japan. Aside from the Wi-Fi, it’s got “standard” written all over it: 4GB, compatible with WMA and WMV (even those with DRM), etc.

Though, interestingly, I did notice that the iPod is nowhere near as dominant in Japan as it is here.

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