Canadians Hear Second Voice

rogers wireless.JPGAre you one of those split personality types who has to be so connected that you carry two mobile phones? Such creatures do roam our streets, talking loudly and often incoherently into a device held up to the ear. While chatting away, a similar device displayed prominently on the belt will invariably ring, causing confusion and frustration. Canada’s largest cell phone carrier, Rogers Wireless, has come up with a cure for the hopeless souls who are addicted to a second cell phone. It is called the Second Voice Line Service.

Second Voice Line Service allows customers to have two phone lines in a single handset. There is no need to carry two mobile phones. This service also allows customers to have two location codes in a single phone, which is useful for users that travel between one location and another. They can assign one number to their city of residence and another to the place they frequently visit.

“This innovation in wireless technology provides increased productivity, convenience and real cost savings, up to 49 percent every month off the cost of your second wireless line,” commented Irv Witte, the vice president of Business Marketing at Rogers Wireless.

Ostentatious people won’t give this service a second thought, no matter how much money it can save them. But most Canadians are practical and have class. Second Voice Line Service should do well. I’m not sure that a similar service would go over well in New York or Los Angeles. Even unsuccessful people want to impress others with their importance and social standing. What better way to do this than a bandolier full of cell phones?

Rogers Wireless