Honeywell Introduces Signal-Correcting HDMI Cables

smarthdmi.jpgI never thought I’d be blogging about a cable, but here I am doing it, and it’s a doozy. Honeywell has introduced what I’m coining as a Smart-Cable, a standard HDMI cable with error-correcting built-in. That is so cool.

The cable’s “brain” looks for corrupted HDCP and EDID data and fixes it on the fly, meaning your picture’s sharper and less-artiafacty, and your audio clearer. You’ll notice aspect ratios will be more accurate, as will colors, not to mention less clipping on your surround sound.

No pricing yet, but expect to pay a premium. If you’re up-rezing or don’t have a high-end home-theater system, it’s not for you. But if you’re a hardcore audio- or videophile, you’re probably already drooling on your keyboard. Look for them at your electronics store for Xmas this year.