Nokia N-95 Goes Black, 8-Gigs

The N-95 gets 8-gigs of memory, and a few (mostly cosmetic) updates today, like a nice black shell, and some other minor body mods. Still, the lack of any real internal innovation shouldn’t be too troublesome–the N95 is already a bit ahead of it’s time, if you ask me, but considering that the original came out before the most-hyped phone in history, and their entire reponse at the top-of-the-line appears to be a few gigs and a black coat–now that’s a bit worrisome. As I said: The N95 doesn’t necessarily NEED anything new to be an insanely amazing phone, but a black cover won’t do much to suck from the hype teet. Of course, the whole media machine is a bit burnt out on phones, so they’d probably have to throw in some teleporting and wireless power action to really accomplish that. And it hits in Q4.

Oh, and the President of Nokia just said that his favorite album was Signals, by Rush. I love the Finns. I really do.