San Fran: Another City-wide Wi-Fi Plan Bites It

. Poor San Francisco, who expected some tasty wi-fi from Earthlink later this year, is now left to fend for itself. Mayor Newsom says that the plan is still going head with public money and that Earthlink will not spoil the plans to roll out wireless throughout the city.

Earthlink Chief Executive Rolla Huff told Newsom during a telephone call “they were not going to be able to fulfill their end of the bargain,” said Ballard. “Mr. Huff made it clear it wasn’t going to happen with Earthlink; they are getting out of the Wi-Fi business.”

Judging from recent reports of massive lay-offs it looks like Earthlink will be out of every business before too long.

Earthlink bows out of San Francisco Wi-Fi deal [AP]