Sunday Afternoon Timewasters

Sundays are pretty slow and we are sure that you, our dear readers, are bored as hell. Well here are some ways to kill a few hours before Monday rears its ugly head. Click on to find out how to put your precious time to better use.

If you haven’t checked out Desktop Tower Defense yet, now is the perfect time. It’s up to version 1.5 now and there are some worthy improvements such as new weapons and upgrades. The creeps also look much better this time around.

Bloons has been in the top 10 on for some time now and it’s still one of the most addicting games ever. You’re basically a monkey. With darts. Popping baloons. In the sky. What’s there not to like? A lot of levels and power-ups will keep you entertained for a while.

This next one isn’t exactly a game but is sure is fun. It’s an online kaleidescope which you customize by drawing shapes and adding effects into an area which is then transformed into crazy patters by a rotating ‘wedge’. There are two versions of the electronic kaleidescope here and here.

Have fun and post any other games you find in the comments. We’re just as bored as you are.