Superbad: Logitech MX5500 Keyboard & Mouse Set

This morning, Logitech decided to take out the big guns and announce its new flagship keyboard system, the MX5500. This Bluetooth 2.0 (score!) set comes with the new MX Revolution ergonomic laser mouse, which features a metal scroll wheel and included charger. The keyboard isn’t half-bad either. It includes a built-in LCD display that can show the time, date, message, current music, or even a calculator. If you use Vista, you’ll find some dedicated keys for controlling things like gadgets.

Both the MX Revolution and keyboard are said to be extremely comfortable during periods of extended use. And they better be, because the MX5500 will not be cheap come the end of the month. You’ll have to shell out $170 to get this hot-ass combo pack. Could be well worth it though.

Logitech drops MX5500 laser mouse, LCD keyboard combo [Electronista]