Ummm… Some Weird Comic-like Thing Explaining That NBC Screwed Up By Snubbing iTunes


Maybe you can help us here. Take a minute and read the linked story.


Now, I’m pretty sure that this is supposed to be a dig at NBC for telling Apple and iTunes to go jump in a lake. (I hope my harsh language didn’t trip any WebSense filters.) But it’s like, hard to grasp. It’s not funny, per se. It’s not really poignant in any traditional sense of the word. I guess it gets an A for effort. I mean, the underlying message—NBC doesn’t “get” technology, technology users are “cool”—should play well on Slashdot and Digg, but it’s a little obscure for my tastes.

To sum up: NBC screwed up. Carry on.

A Post-iTunes Fable For NBC [Mike Cane’s Blog via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs]