iPhoneSimFree Delays Shipment


Oh noes. I know the sweet new deals on the iPhone have you frothing, but hold off a bit longer. The ISF team has released this announcement regarding the software unlock they were supposed to start shipping on Monday. Hmm. Is this really going to happen? Did Apple’s rabid pack of lawyers shut ’em down?

Following on from our recent newsletter to interested retailers, we would like to apologise for the delay in responding to the thousands of mails we have received.

We are working on clearing the backlog as soon as possible. We are experiencing a number of technical issues related to our business side of things and hope to have these resolved as soon as possible. We realize that there are more and more skeptics out there who even go so far as to label us as scammers but we are determined to provide quality service and products for our resellers and the end consumer. As a policy, we will stick to that mandate and prioritise our service above all else.