More Details On The Starbucks-Apple Deal


More on the Starbucks-Apple deal, straight from whoever writes Apple’s press releases.

Most of the info hastily typed during Sir Jobs’ keynote is spot-on: Users with an iPod or iPod Touch will be able to walk into participating Starbucks—New York and Seattle Starbucks bat first starting in October followed by San Francisco ones in November (other cities will get their chance as the months go by)—and wirelessly log onto the iTunes Music Store. You’ll pay no T-Mobile fee to log onto the store. Once there, you’d use the store just like you do on your Mac or PC, complete with free previews of every song in the store.

Another cool perk, I guess, given Starbucks’s esoteric music selection: you know how when you’re ordering a super-duper double shot, no-fat, ice latte (hold the ice) the store is pumping some sort of mellow indie pop? Now you’ll be able to navigate on your iPod to the “Now Playing” section of the iTMS. There you’ll find the song currently playing in the store, ready for you to buy at the swipe of a finger. Pretty neat. I remember once I heard a Bebel Gilberto song at a Starbucks and then downloaded her whole discography when I got home. Now, thanks to this new Apple-Starbucks deal, I won’t have to resort to piracy. Everybody wins.

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