TechCrunch40 Keynote Talks: Marc Andreessen, David Filo, Chad Hurley, Michael Moritz and Mark Zuckerberg

It’s just two weeks until TechCrunch40 kicks off on September 17 in San Francisco. Last week we announced that we’ve doubled the number of presenting companies from 20 to 40. And today we’ve announced the two keynote sessions to be held at the conference, in addition to the 40 new products (see our partner Jason Calacanis’ blog post about this here).

  • The first keynote session, “Humble Beginnings,” features Sequoia Capital partner Michael Moritz interviewing three legendary founders – Marc Andreessen (Netscape, Opsware, Ning), David Filo (Yahoo) and Chad Hurley (YouTube) about the early days of their startups – when money was scarce, users were few and far between and most of the quality coding was done in a garage or other low-rent office space.
  • The second keynote session is a talk I’ll be having with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is the hottest startup on the planet right now and has gone through significant strategic evolution this year. I’ll have 45 minutes to talk with Mark about the early days of Facebook, their recent growth and transition to a platform, as well as the future of the company.

The full agenda for the two day event is here.

The event is quickly selling out, although we made a couple of hundred more seats available two weeks ago by removing some tables and otherwise rearranging things to accommodate more people. A list of some of the financial and press attendees is here. Register for TechCrunch40 here.