The iPod Fat Nano™: Fat and Thin and Fat and Rad

So the Fat Nano™ (or as Steve J calls it, just ”iPod Nano”) is official as of today, and it’s pretty close to how we called it. It’s got a 2″, 320×240-pixel screen, at an impressive 204 pixels per inch, that’s a dense screen. It’s also utilizing the Coverflow interface, similar to the iPhone, which we also expected. What we didn’t expect was that it would ship with a handful of games, pretty sweet.

The new Nano is fat on the storage, as well. We’d heard rumors of 8GB and 16GB models, but we’re off by a factor of two. The base model is 4GB and is priced at $149, it comes in silver. The 8GB model will be $199 and come in a rainbow of colors, including (Product) Red.

It’s thin, really thin. And totally not as ugly as we thought it could be. So maybe the “Fat Nano™” monicker was a bit off. Whatever. The Coverflow isn’t the only way to get around. The new iPod interface is much like the old one, but slimmer, giving room at the right to give a sort of thumbnail of what you’re browsing.

In all, it’s a good update to a popular player. We’d liked to have seen more storage, however, because iPod videos aren’t small. But if you really wanted to carry a library of videos around, that’s what the full-on iPod Classic’s for, isn’t it?