The Junior Gym

Working out at an early age is very important, especially with the rising obesity rate in this country. I’m not saying you should put Creatine in your kid’s kool-aid, but really I am. How else is he going to bench 25-pounds? I mean take for example John Biggs, our lovable EIC. Now as much as everyone loves a fun guy like John, this is what happens when you don’t use the Junior Gym at an early age:

See what I mean? Working out is key for your body. Junior Gym makes several machines, including rowing, cycling, a weight bench, treadmill, and others. They work just like the real thing and include electronic readout, as well as true resistance. No wussies allowed! Prices for the equipment start at about $120 and up.

Junior Gym – you’re never too young to pump iron, son… [Red Ferret]