MicroNet's G-Force MegaDisk NAS

If you’re like me, your music library is over 100GB and remote storage becomes a more crucial option. That’s why you should take a minute and learn about the latest NAS from MicroNet. At $340 for 1TB, you really can’t beat the new G-Force MegaDisk NAS. It has some primo features like an integrated print server, one-touch backup, a dual-core CPU, and best of all, an iTunes Music Server. This means you can share not only all the MP3s in your iTunes library, but also anything you purchased from the iTunes Music Store as well.

This can be an easy-to-setup NAS if you want it to be, but if you’re looking for the power to configure your setup, then the G-Force MegaDisk is a great choice. All RAID options are supported and can be monitored via a web-based UI. There’s also USB 2.0 ports in the back for expanding and chaining your storage devices together. Did I mention the built-in Bit Torrent functionality and free copy of NTI’s Shadow backup software that’s included? Oh, I guess not. If you need bigger storage, the MegaDisk comes in 1.5TB and 2TB flavors as well. Are you drooling yet?

MicroNet’s debuts 1TB, $340 NAS with iTunes server [Electronista]