New JVC Air Cushion Headphones Use Memory Foam


Anybody who sleeps on a memory foam mattress knows that it’s comfortable beyond your wildest imagination. I don’t have a full memory foam mattress yet but I do have a 4-inch foam topper and it feels as though I’m sleeping atop God’s tubby, visco-elastic belly.

That’s the feeling JVC’s going for with its new Air Cushion headphones. The main part of the earpiece is surrounded by your choice of air-filled silicon rubber/memory foam earpieces (comes with three different sizes). The headphones are available now in four colors for just under $30.

Hats-off to the first person to invent headphones that work like the Reebok Pump. I always lose the extra earpieces so it’d be nice to just have one size that inflates with 150 or so pumps of my thumb and then stops working in less than six months, just like the shoes.

New JVC headphones sound like running shoes [CNET]