Upcoming 4th Quarter Sprint Phones Leaked


Phonenews.com has some new(ish) information concerning Sprint’s Q4 selection of telecommunication devices, thanks to some recent internal document leakage.

From left to right, the LG Rumor will have a slide out QWERTY keyboard, up to 4GB of storage, and Bluetooth, but will not be capable of over-the-air music downloads. It’s basically gonna be a device for people who like sending text messages all…the…time.

The Palm Centro might appeal to some people. Not me, though. I’m still pretty mad at Palm about the whole Foleo thing. It’s my duty as a “journalist” to tell you that it’ll have Sprint TV/Music Store features, e-mail, a new Sprint IM client, a decent media player, QWERTY keyboard, and a camera.

The HTC Touch looks like a big stick of butter, and I mean that in a good way. WinMo 6, EVDO Rev. A, and a 2-megapixel camera are some of the features. No keyboard, though.

Finally, there’s the BlackBerry Pearl 8130. It’ll have GPS, stereo Bluetooth, media and messaging features, camera, and it’ll of course have the requisite SureType keyboard.

That is all.

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