iLuv i707 FM Transmitter For iPod Touch (Even Though The Touch Still Hasn't Shipped)


The iPod Touch isn’t even here yet—I had to settle for a new nano this weekend, the horror—but accessory manufactures are already promising us the world. For example, iLuv has brought its FM transmitter, the i707, to the top-of-the-line iPod. Like its other FM transmitters, iLuv’s 707 does its best to match the look and feel (there’s more cliches where that came from) of its tethered iPod. Here, the i707’s gray-colored body matches the Touch’s and generally has a less toyish look about it.

The i707 is supposed to be able to block out radio interference, but you’ve got to wonder how well that works in radio-congested cities like New York and L.A. Another thing to consider is price. This costs nearly $60 whereas tape adapters—less chic but just as functional—are, what, $10 if you want one dipped in gold and honey? So there’s that minor detail to consider.

Other than that, it’s hard to pass judgment. It looks nice, sure, but I can’t help but notice a certain irony: I’ve got my superterrrific Touch yet in order to have it work in my car I have to use physical buttons. Life’s unfair.

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