Sony Officially Announces Rolly, WTF Is It?

Umm. Yeah. I’m not really sure what to think about Sony’s newest audio player, Rolly. It seems like a novelty item rather than a hot new product I’d want to buy. Essentially, Rolly plays music and ‘dances’ around to the beat or what you’ve programmed it to boogie down to. It reminds me of Clocky. WTF am I supposed to do with this? Get blitzed out of my mind and rock out with Rolly? Mored details and videos after the jump.

So what is so special about the Rolly? I have no idea, but 1GB of internal storage with five hours of playback isn’t too shabby for this egg shaped player. Once the jumping and jiving starts playback drops to four hours. You can also stream music to Rolly via Bluetooth and get about 4.5 hours of playback and 3.5 hours with some rump shaking. Sound quality is touted as top notch thanks to the speakers being arranged in a 180-degree manner. There are six moving elements, two: arms, shoulders, wheels and LEDs, that shimmy and shake to the music. It also seems as though you can shake it to get it to switch songs. That’s pretty cool, I guess. It’s so confusing and it’s tripping me out. I know I’ll be jacked on something when I get my hands on one. Look for it to launch September 29 for around $355.

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